URUS (5495 masl), ISHINCA (5530 masl) and TOCLLARAJU (6032 masl) MOUNTAINS

TIMING 7 days
GRADE Moderate


Urus Mountain.
Ishinca Mountain.
Tocllaraju Mountain.

DAY 1: Huaraz - Pashpa (3400 masl) - Base Camp (4350 masl).


We leave from Huaraz city by van towards north, up to the Pashpa Village, where we start the trekking, ascending through Ishinca Valley and reach the campsite in the same valley, with beautiful views of mountains such as Tocllaraju (6032 masl), Palcaraju (6274 masl) and Urus (5495 masl). About 5 to 6 hours.

DAY 2: Base Camp - Urus Summit (5495 masl) - Base Camp.

We leave at dawn, ascending over the moraine and reach the ice, then start climbing  up to the Summit, from where we have views of mountains as Tocllaraju (6032 masl), Ishinca (5530 masl), Palcaraju (6274 masl), Aquilpo (5751 masl), Vicos (5325 masl), Copa (6188 masl) and others, then descend to Base Camp. About 8 to 10 hours.

DAY 3: Base Camp - Ishinca Summit (5530 masl) - Base Camp.

Group of friends on the Ishinca summit

We leave at dawn ascending over the moraine, and reach the ice and start climbing up to the Summit from where we have spectacular views of mountains such as  Urus (5495 masl), Tocllaraju (6032 masl), Palcaraju (6274 masl) Ranrapalca (6132 masl), Ocshapalca (5881 masl), Huapi (5421 masl), Pucaranra (6147 masl), San Juan (5843 masl), Huantsan (6359 masl) and others, then descend to Base Camp. About 8 to 10 hours.

DAY 4: Rest Day.

DAY 5: Base Camp - Tocllaraju Camp I (5300 masl).

In our hike to Tocllaraju Camp I, we observe mountains as Urus (5495 masl), Palcaraju (6274 masl), Ishinca (4350 masl), Ranrapalca (6132 masl) and Ocshapalca (5881 masl). About 5 to 6 hours.

DAY 6: Tocllaraju Camp I - Tocllaraju Summit (6032 masl) - Base Camp.

Tocllaraju summit

We leave at dawn and climb up to the summit, from where we can observe mountains such as Aquilpo (5751 masl), Copa (6188 masl), Palcaraju (6274 masl), Ranrapalca (6132 masl), San Juan (5843 masl),  Huantsan (6359 masl) and others, then descend to Base Camp. About 8 to 10 hours.

DAY 7: Base Camp - Pashpa - Huaraz.

In our return to Pashpa village, our prívate van will be waiting for to take us back to Huaraz city.


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