TIMING 11 days
GRADE Moderate


Carhuacocha Lake

DAY 1: Huaraz - Chiquián (3200 masl) - Llamac 3250 (masl).

Llamac village

We leave from the huaraz city by van towards the Chiquian City, passing through cities of the Callejon de Huaylas as Recuay, Ticapampa and Catac, observing the mountain chain of the Cordillera Blanca and the Conococha lake (4050 masl). With a short stop in Chiquian, then continue up to the Llamac village, where we camp and meet the donkey drivers and donkeys who will accompany us during the trekking.

DAY 2: Llamac - Pampa Llamac  Pass (4300 masl) - Jahuacocha Lake (4100 masl).

Jahuacocha Lake

After leaving from the Llamac village we ascend up to the Pampallamac Pass, from where we can observe the Cordillera Huallanca, and mountains of the Cordillera Huayhuash as Rondoy (5870 masl), Jirishanca (6094 masl), Yerupajá (6617 masl), Yerupajá Chico (6089 masl), Rasac (6017 masl), Diablo Mudo (5350 masl), we pass through some rural houses and reach the Inka Wain Campsite near the Jahuacocha lake. About 6 to 7 hours.

DAY 3: Rest day.

Solteracocha Lake

We can visit the following places.

    • The Yaucha Pass (4800 masl), to observe the other side of the mountains of the Cordillera Huayhuash.
    • The Cerro Amarillo (Yellow hill).
    • The Solteracocha lake, where we can find remains of a plane that fell in 1954.

DAY 4: Jahuacocha Lake - Sambunya Pass (4800 masl) - Quartelhuain (4200 masl).

After passing near the Jahuacocha lake we ascend to Sambunya Pass, from where we have  a spectacular view of mountains as Ninashanca (5607 masl), Rondoy (5870 masl), Jirishanca (6094 masl), Yerupajá (6617 masl), Yerupajá chico (6089 masl) and Rasac (6017 masl), then descend to Matacancha Campsite. About 7 to 8 hours.

DAY 5: Quartelhuian - Cacananpunta Pass (4700 masl) - Mitucocha Lake (4230 masl).

Campsite near to Mitucocha.

We ascend up to the Cacananpunta Pass, where we can find medicinal plants, and in the distance observe the Cordillera Huallanca and the Pucacocha lake, then descend to the place called Janca and reach the  Mitucocha Campsite, from where we observe mountains as Ninashanca (5607 masl), Rondoy (5870 masl), Jirishanca (6094 masl), Jirishanca chico (5446 masl). About 5 to 6 hours.

DAY 6: Mitucocha Lake - Carhuac Pass (4640 masl) - Carhuacocha Lake (4138 masl).

Carhuac Pass

From the Mitucocha Campsite we ascend to the Carhuac Pass, through the Yana-Yana valley, and reach the Carhuacocha Campsite, where we have the famous view of mountains of the Cordillera Huayhuash as Jirishanca chico (5446 masl), Jirishanca (6094 masl), Yerupajá chico (6089 masl), Yerupajá (6617 masl) and Carnicero (5960 masl). About 5 to 6 hours.

DAY 7: Carhuacocha Lake - Siulá Pass (4834 masl) - Huayhuash (4345 masl).

Gangrajanca, Siula and Quesillococha Lakes


We pass through the three beautiful lakes of Gangrajanca,  Siulá and Quesillococha,  walking uphill we reach a natural lookout from where we have a spectacular view of these lakes as well as mountains as Jirishanca chico (5446 masl), Jirishanca (6094 masl), El Toro (5965 masl), Yerupajá (6617 masl), Siulá (6344 masl) and El Carnicero (5960 masl), then reach the Siula Pass from where we can observe mountains as Puscanturpa (5652 masl), Trapecio (5653 masl), Jurau (5674 masl) and the Cordillera Raura, then descend observing the Carnicero lake and finally reach the Huayhuash  campsite. About 7 to 8 hours.

DAY 8: Huayhuash - Portachuelo or Huayhuash Pass (4785 masl) - Viconga Lake (4400 masl).

Portachuelo or Huayhuash Pass

Portachuelo or Huayhuash Pass is the limit of the departments of Huanuco and Lima, from this pass we can observe mountains such as Pumarinri (5465 masl), Cuyoc (5550 masl), Puscanturpa (5652 masl), Millpo (5330 masl) and the  Cordillera Raura, as well as herds of Alpacas and Llamas, and pass near the viconga lake and reach the campsite where there are natural hot spring baths. About 5 to 6 hours.

DAY 9: Viconga Lake - Pumarinri Valley (3900 masl).

We walk down through the valley, observing mountains as Pumarinri (5465 masl), Pariaucro (5200 masl) and others,  then reach the Pumarinri Valley where we camp. About 4 to 5 hours.

DAY 10: Pumarinri Valley - San Cristóbal Pass (4150 masl) - Cajatambo Village (3375 masl).

Church of Cajatambo

From the Pumarinri valley we ascend up to the San Cristobal Pass from where we can observe the Huacshas mountain (5644 masl), then descend to the Cajatambo village. About 5 to 6 hours.

DAY 11: Cajatambo Village - Huaraz or Lima.

In the morning we leave from the Cajatambo village towards Pativilca, and leave to Lima or return to Huaraz city.


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