TIMING 4 days
GRADE Moderate

DAY 1: Huaraz – Pallca Campsite (4100 masl).

Arqueological Constructions
Andavite Mountain

We go by van towards east of huaraz City, passing through Villages as Unchus, Llupa, and the place called Pitec, then reach the control post of Quillcayhuanca, the trekking starts here. After passing the control post we see Rock paintings, wild flora and fauna, and small arqueological remains at Nuevo Tambo, and also mountains as Andavite (5518 masl), Cayesh (5721 masl) and others, and reach the campsite. About 4 to 5 hours.

DAY 2 : Pallca Campsite – Villon Pass (5000 masl) – Pallca Campsite

Cayesh Valley

After having breakfast we cross the bridge and take the path that leads us towards the southeast part through a valley and reach the Villon pass, from where we have nice view of mountains as Huantsán (6359 masl), Tumarinaraju (5668 masl), San Juan (5843 masl),  Maparaju (5325 masl) and Cayesh (5721 masl), finally return to our campsite. About 7 to 8 hours.

DAY 3: Pallca Campsite – Huapi Pass (5421 masl) – Pallca Campsite.

Tullpacocha Lake
Cuchillacocha Lake

This day we visit the beautiful lake of Tullpacocha (4300 masl) and mountains such as Huapi (5421 masl), Pucaranra (5156 masl) and Tullparaju (5787 masl) then start ascending towards the next lake called Cuchillacocha and finally reach the Huapi Pass from where we have a nice and panoramic view of mountains as Ranrapalca (6132 masl), Ishinca (5530 masl), Tocllaraju (6034 masl), Palcaraju (6274 masl), Pucaranra (5156 masl), Chinchey (6222 masl), Tullparaju (5758 masl), Andavite (5518 masl), Cayesh (5721 masl), Maparaju (5325 masl), San Juan (5843 masl) and others, and return to campsite. About 7 to 8 hours.

DAY 4 : Pallca Campsite – Huaraz

This last day we walk towards the doorway of this valley, where our private van will be waiting for to take us back to Huaraz City. About 4 to 5 hours.


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