TIMING 8 days
ACTIVITY Trekking and climbing
GRADE Moderate

Day 1: Huaraz – Cashapampa (2900 masl) – Llamacorral (4250 masl)

We´ll leave from Huaraz city by van towards north of Callejon de Huaylas, passing through cities as Carhuaz, Yungay, and Caraz, following the Rio Santa and observing part of the Cordillera Blanca and Cordillera Negra. From Caraz we´ll go to the Cashapampa village, where we´ll meet the donkey drivers and donkeys, the trekking starts here towards the place called Llamacoral where we´ll camp. About 5 to 6 hours.

Day 2: Llamacorral - Campo Base Arhuaycocha (4250 masl).

Artesonraju Mountain
Approaching to Arhuaycocha Base Camp

We´ll pass through the beautiful lakes of Hichic Cocha (small lake) and Hatun Cocha (big lake), then observe mountains such as Aguja (5886 masl), Caraz (6025 masl), Abasraju (5765 masl), Quitaraju (6040 masl), Alpamayo (5947 masl, known as the most beautiful mountain in the world) and Artesonraju (6025 masl), then walk towards the Base Camp at Arhuaycocha valley. About 4 to 5 hours.

Day 3: Arhuaycocha Base Camp – Moraine Camp (4950 masl)

Alpamayo Moraine Camp

We´ll go up towards the Moraine Camp where we´ll set our tents. Ascend 4 to 5 hours.

Day 4: Moraine Camp - Camp I (5450 masl) – Arhuaycocha Base Camp.

Approaching to camp I
Alpamayo Camp I

We´ll go up through the moraine, then we´ll climb the ice and reach the Camp I from where we have the imposing view of the west side of Alpamayo mountain (5947 masl) the world´s most beautiful mountain, also Quitaraju (6040 masl), Santa Cruz (6259 masl), Pucajircas (6050 masl), Taulliraju (5830 masl), Artesonraju (6025 masl), Caraz (6025 masl) and Aguja (5888 masl), the descend to Camp I. Ascend and descent about 7 to 8 hours.

Day 5: Arhuaycocha Base Camp - Taullipampa (4250 masl).

Taulliraju Mountain

After having breakfast we´ll descend and take the path that leads us to our next campsite at Taullipampa, during the trek we´ll see important mountains such as Quitaraju (6040 masl), Alpamayo (5947 masl) and finally reach to Taullipampa from where we can see mountains such as Rinrijirca (5810 masl), Taulliraju (5830 masl), Paria (5600 masl) and Artesonraju (6025 masl). About 5 to 6 hours.

vDay 6: Rest Day.

Day 7: Taullipampa - Punta Union Pass (4750 masl) - Paria Valley (3870 masl).

Punta Union Pass
Punta Union Pass

We´ll ascend following the Inca Trail towards the Punta Union Pass, from where we have a scenic beauty of mountains as Chacraraju (6112 masl), Piramide de Garcilazo (5885 masl), Chopicalqui (6354 masl), the South peak (6768 msnm) and the North Peak (6655 msnm) of Huascaran, Artesonraju (6025 masl), Paria (5600 masl), Quitaraju (6040 masl), Santa cruz (6259 masl), Rinrijirca (5810 masl), Taulliraju (5830 masl) and Pucaraju (5090 masl), then descend and reach to the next campsite in the Paria Valley. About 6 to 7 hours.

Day 7: Paria Valley - Vaquería (3750 masl) – Portachuelo Pass (4767 masl) - Cebollapampa (3900 masl).

View of Llanganuco valley from the Portachuelo Pass

This day we´ll pass through the Picturesque village of Huaripampa, with the presence of kids asking for candies, pens, matches ..., from this place we have the spectacular view of the Southeast face of Chacraraju (6112 masl). We´ll also pass through the Yanachaca village, and walk up to the Vaqueria village, where our prívate van will be waiting to take us back to Huaraz. We´ll ascend by van through the Morococha valley, observing the Morocochas lakes, as well as mountains as Chopicalqui (6354 masl) and Yanapaccha (5460 masl), and reach the Portachuelo Pass, from this point we have the wonderful views of mountains as the South Peak  of Huandoy (6160 masl), Pisco (5752 masl), and the North peak (6655 masl) and the South peak (6768 masl) of  Huascaran, in the distance we can observe the beautiful lakes of Orconcocha (male lake) and Chinancocha (female lake) in the Llanganuco valley, then descend and pass through the two lakes and return to Huaraz. Trekking and bus trip about 2 to 3 hours.

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